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I’m Jen Thorn - a UX Designer and all around crafty gal, that's powered by loud rock n roll. I love going to concerts with my husband, and taking our senior dog Prudence for walks at Cherry Beach.

I love what I do because I use emotional design principles to put users at ease and understand their needs! My core values are “Love More” and “Lead with Simplicity”. These values provide a motivational foundation for all the work that I produce. I’m passionate about solving wicked problems like the issue of elderly isolation. I've been focusing on how loneliness impacts seniors health, and how I might reduce this. I'm excited to see what solution my explorative adventure leads to.

My background is in photography. I studied Photography at Algonquin College. I was inspired by Annie Leibovitz and really leaned into taking photos of bands. To support my passion and freelance work I started a gig managing a tattoo shop, which was a leap into a career of management. After managing various teams for over a decade, I felt like something was missing in my career path. I knew being creative made my heart full. And as a manager I felt rewarded encouraging growth and helping people. To encourage my own growth I took a design fundamentals class. This class sparked something within me! I followed this curiosity of applying design to digital experiences by completing the HackerYou Development Bootcamp.

While working as a front end dev I was eager to bridge communication between the development and design team. Which is where I was introduced to prototyping with Framer (at the time called framerJS). I taught myself all I could and attended Framer meetups to fill in any gaps in my knowledge. This is where I first learned about UX Design.

While in the UX Design class with HackerYou, I found the meaningful career I had been searching for all along. I fell in love with the expectation of empathy and creativity. I completed that class over 2 years ago, quit my job as a front end dev and went on to pursue UX Design as a career!


  • UX Design Class Mentor @ HackerYouSept 2017 - Present
  • UX Designer @ Climax MediaJan 2017 - Feb 2018
  • Front End Developer @ Demac MediaJune 2015 - October 2017

Professional Skills

  • Experience DesignMethodologies: Design Thinking, 5 Planes of UX, Lean UX. Emotional Design, User Research, Content Strategy, Information Architecture, Prototyping
  • Creative ToolsSketch, Principal, Framer, InVision, Zeplin, Adobe Creative Suite
  • DevelopmentAccessibility Best Practices, HTML5 + CSS3, jQuery, Sass, Wordpress, PHP


  • Intro & Advanced UX DesignHackerYou - 2018
  • Front End Development BootcampHackerYou - 2015
  • Design Fundamentals + Applied DesignHackerYou - 2014


Please email me! I'd love to hear from you!

Fun Jen Thorn facts

I’m probably listening to right now:

Black Sabbath, Elton John, or podcasts - Missing and Murdered, Someone Knows Something, Hidden Brain.

I’m obsessed with Disney.

My obsession doesn’t end at the Little Mermaid, or listening to Disney soundtracks. I love reading about Disney’s tech and their user experience for inspiration.

I’m really good at dog gifs.

I have a bulk supply I’m ready to share with my new team.