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Hey I’m Jen, nice to meet you!

I’m a UX Designer, I focus on humans first. I’m motivated by curiosity, and believe great design is centered around empathy.
 Bonus: I know how to code!


Freedom Mobile Site Redesign

Client -

Freedom Mobile requested a website redesign better suit their brand change, and create a more engaging experience for their customers.

Solving the Wicked Problem of Domestic Violence

Personal Project -

Solving the wicked problem to empower women to flee domestic violence and find safe shelter.

Solving a Transportation Design Problem

Personal Project -

Calm-Mute is an app I designed to solve the mental distress caused by public transit.

The key to success is Process

My process is flexible, and can be applied to each design problem differently. Empathy and the ability to define the problem are key, the rest is up to what makes the best experience for humans.

Empathize + Define  Icon

Empathize + Define

Gain an empathic understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve, by engaging with users and stakeholders to understand their experiences.

Analyse Icon


Analyse observations and synthesis them in order to identify core problems. Creativity put together data to form whole ideas.

Research Icon


Gather qualitative and quantitative research. Set aside personal assumptions by performing user interviews. Create empathy maps, and develop personas to guide you through the project.

Ideate + Prototype Icon

Ideate + Prototype

Brainstorm as many ideas or problem solutions as possible. Test ideas to find the best way to solve problems for your personas. Start designing prototypes by combining rational thoughts with imagination.

Test + Redesign Icon

Test + Redesign

Test prototypes with users and stakeholders to ensure solutions are the best expierence. Alterations are made in order to rule out problems and derive a deep understanding of the product and it’s users.

Measure Icon


Use analytic tools to track how users use our product, how they interact, and if they can achieve their goals in using the product. If not, understand why and refine.

A little about meI am...

  • A mentor for HackerYou's UX Design Course
  • Fascinated by Emotional Design
  • An inspiring Elvis impersonator

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