About me!

I found my way into the tech industry through my curiosity to become more creative in a ever changing digital world. I started taking a design fundamentals and production class which lead to a Web Development class. Realizing that a career shift was in order, I began to pursue a career in development and joined the HackerYou Front End Development Bootcamp to further satisfy my curiosity.

Upon graduation from the Bootcamp, I landed my first gig as a Front End Developer at Demac Media. Working in a fast paced agency, I cut my teeth and grew as a developer teaching myself the heavy platform of Magento and creating the front end experience for online retailers.

For my side hustle, I started exploring Sketch and the prototyping tool Framer.

This opened my brain to the world of UX and user-focused design.

Recently, I completed an Intro to UX Design, and Advanced UX application course, where I learned the power of emotion in design. This is where my true passion lies.

I balance my passion for design and UX by spending time with my husband and our dog Prudence, dreaming of Disney World, and finding my zen with my Pilates instructor.

Tool Belt:

  • Sketch.
  • Prototyping with InVision + Framer.
  • Over a year of Front End Dev experience.
  • A decade managing a variety of teams.

Things I care about:

  • Helping people.
  • Emotional Design.
  • The art of design being so good it goes unnoticed.
  • Dogs + High fives.